U.S. Imperialism Final Lesson Plan

Hey everybody,

Here is my final version of the lesson plan:  U.S. Imperialism Lesson

 Sorry for the day late (hopefully not a $ short).


Nice meeting/seeing all of you in this class.  It was a fun and insightful journey.

Final Lesson Plan: Goodbye!

Hey everyone:

Here is my final lesson plan! I basically made a few minor adjustments (mostly related to assessment).

In this particular lesson during The Catcher in the Rye unit, students are learning how to use Pinterest to display symbolism in how it relates to both their ideas of a personal version of modern New York City and images that would represent how they perceive Holden Caulfield’s New York City.

In the following lesson, we will compare/contrast students’ chosen symbolic imagery as a means of representing how significantly different each individual’s view of a place can be. I will assess the students’ understanding of symbolism and the text through blog postings and class discussion in the following lesson.

I had a great time meeting everyone. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and I will see some of you next week!


Final Lesson Plan – Creating a Class Blog

Hi everyone,

Here is my final lesson plan. (LESSON PLAN LINKED HERE).

I made a few adjustments to my lesson plan based on your feedback.  As you know, my lesson plan is designed for 11th grade ELA students who are learning about the early 20th Century African American experience in the Southern United States, in part by reading The Color Purple and Their Eyes Were Watching God.  In this lesson, students are learning about creating and maintaining a class blog, and how working with a shared blog will enhance their learning in and out of the classroom.

Thank you again for your feedback!!  I hope you all have a great rest of your summer vacations!!


Final Lesson Plan-Integrating Technology in the Classroom….

Final Lesson Plan-Tech Class

Hey guys!!!! This is my final version of my lesson plan:) It is about the Renaissance  ranging from the 1400-1650 period. This lesson incorporates the basic knowledge of a google search to a google doc…it is very interactive and I sure hope that it will come in handy one day….

I had a blast in this class even though our time was short together, I wish all of you guys all the best for the future!!!

Peace out….

Your Island Girl:)

Final Lesson Plan – Digital Literature Circles and Book Reviews

Hey everyone,

Here is my final lesson plan about Digital Literature Circles using Delicious. The goal is to teach students how to curate online material, collaborate with their peers online, and to explore the unique writing style of journalism by writing their own newspaper style book reviews.

Thanks for a great class!!


Final lesson plan! / last assignment for NYU!

Hey all! well this is a bittersweet post since this is my last assignment i had to complete for nyu and it’s alllll finished!

i’ve included some of the texts and the videos within my lesson plan if anyone is every interested in using them!

booyah: here it is.

i hope everyone has a wonderful summer, and for those of you still taking classes, i hope that you get to at least go enjoy the beach (see below) on the weekends!

Lesson Plan-Integrating Tech in the classroom

Hey guys, well I have completely changed my lesson plan direction from what I talked about in class. I am going for The Renaissance in a unit format and not a single lesson. Let me know what you guys think an let me know what I need to change or if it is good as is….thanks!

Lesson Plan Draft-Tech Class